My Sewing Machine Mistake

When I first started sewing, I used to buy whatever name brand unit was on sale. It seemed like a great deal getting a quality machine at a great price. I could not have been more wrong.
The main mistake that haunted me was not bothering to check out sewing machine reviews. I could have saved myself hundreds of dollars and countless hours of grief. Instead, I had to learn my lesson the hard way. My first sewing machine was found at a major appliance store on clearance. It had a name brand and boasted a number of awards. I remember bragging to my mother about what a find it was. It was a heavy duty model, but I soon learned there was nothing heavy duty about it.

The machine was styled to look like a high quality heavy duty model. I sewed for a few weeks on it before running into my first problem. The bobbin holder snapped. It was made of this cheap plastic. The replacement part was much more expensive that you would expect a cheap piece of plastic to be. It snapped two more times. The needle holder, also made of cheap plastic, broke once. That’s when I sold it on an auction site.

I was convinced that next time I would do my research. Doing my research meant asking my mom, aunts, and cousins their opinions. I also thought to ask a few of my neighbors their opinion. I still had yet to learn my lesson about reading sewing machine reviews.

After a few that my advisers rejects, I found sewing machines on sale that everyone agreed was a good deal. I went out and bought it, bringing it home to put it through some stress tests. I was suspicious after my first debacle. I did some hemming and tried a few complicated stitches on thick test fabric. Everything seemed to be order and I breathed a premature sigh of relief.

Within a few days, I started having thread issues across the whole machine. The bobbin would snarl. The stitch would tangle. The feed would snag. It was a total nightmare. I never got more than three days of sewing before having a problem. The unhelpful suggestion from the company was to buy a very expensive brand of thread. Another sewing machine to the auction block.

Finally, I decided to hunt online for complaints and reviews. It turned out that both models I bought were infamous for those problems. If I had looked at sewing machine reviews in the first place, I could have avoided the lost money and headaches. Now I have a model that I’m very happy with, bought because of the universally positive reviews and happy owners.

Pay attention to sewing machine reviews when you’re shopping. Don’t learn the lesson the hard way like I did. If there is a common problem with a particular model, people will post about it. Do your research and avoid my early buying mistakes.

Brother sewing machines seem to have received good feedback overall. You may want to try this brand.

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The Perfect Guide to Buying an Excellent Sewing Machine

Sewing is an amazing hobby. I learned the art from my mother at an early age, and I have grown fond of it ever since. My living room owes its beauty to the neatly sewed cushion cases I made years ago. Whether am making an occasional pillow cover or working on my daily sewing projects, I feel at home when spending time on my sewing machine. Over the years, I have learned that the most important asset for a sewing enthusiast is an excellent sewing machine. With a perfect sewing machine, you can never go wrong. Are you passionate about sewing, and wondering how to choose the best sewing machine for your projects? Well, these are the most significant factors to consider when buying a sewing machine:
sewing craft

The most crucial thing that I always consider when purchasing a sewing machine is my budget. Can I afford it? My number one rule is buying what I can afford. A good sewing machine doesn’t need to be expensive. However, I don’t settle for the overly cheap sewing machines, since they break easily and do not produce quality stitches. Whenever am buying a new sewing machine, I do not compromise on quality. Yes, I look for the most affordable machine, but I also have to ensure that it will do a fantastic job. I have been using the sunbeam sewing machine because it is inexpensive and does a great job. For more information on the sunbeam sewing machine, check online for the latest sewing machine review.

The Kind of Sewing Machine to Use

Part of my admiration for sewing stems from the fact that I know the type of sewing machine I need to get the job done. I have worked with two types of sewing machines; the electrical and the computerized ones. I love using the computerized sewing machine because of my experience in the art and the advanced options it has. If you are highly knowledgeable about sewing and do not mind the computerized settings, then the computerized model is your thing. Conversely, if you are a beginner, it is advisable to use the electrical type of sewing machine since it is less complicated and cheaper. Before I gained experienced in sewing, I was using the electrical sewing machine; it was very fine for a start. If you prefer the sunbeam sewing machine, I advice you check out the Sunbeam sewing machine review online to choose between the electrical and computerized types.

Frequency of Use

I spend much of my time on my sewing projects. Since the frequency of use is so high, I have to make sure that I get a durable sewing machine. Getting a less durable machine would be extremely disappointing for me because of the nature of my work. I enjoy my work because of the long-lasting element of my sewing machines. Finding a durable sewing machine is a worthwhile investment in your sewing endeavors.


My working environment defines the kind of sewing machine I use. Given that I work from home, silence is very key, especially when am working at night. Therefore, when am buying a sewing machine, I always pick the one that is less noisy to avoid any inconveniences. Some machines are loud, thus it is imperative to choose a machine that is fitting to your working place.

Getting these factors right will enable you to acquire the most suitable sewing machine, and enjoy the awesomeness of sewing. Lastly, explore the art of sewing to the fullest and be the best at what you do.

Brother: The Best Sewing Machine To Buy

The processes of settling for a particular sewing machine is always contentious. Settling for your most preferred choice is a process that entails careful considerations. This is closely linked to the different levels of specialty associated with different types of machines. A machine can be perfect for embroidery and crafts and lack a cutting edge when it comes to quilting. It is for this reason that most tailors resort to the best sewing machines reviews as their true guides. For instance, Brother sewing machine reviews have it that these type sewing machines offer near perfect integration of a computerized system into your sewing process.
Brother sewing machines are specifically designed to integrate modern technology to your sewing process. These units are perfect for rookies to professionals. With them, you can easily exploit your creativity and knitting potential. Acquiring a specific unit can be conveniently done as these units are offered at an affordable price. Something that allows easy entry and maximum productivity in the textile industry.

Sewing quilting and crafting process are almost effortless when using brother sewing machines. This is facilitated by an easy to use LCD user interphase. With this display unit, one is accorded a chance to choose their preferred stitch. The chosen stitch is then displayed in the screen. All this facilitated by a touch of a button.

Time is money. At times low speeds come with economic implications. One way of avoid these consequences is by improving your speeds to provide the cloth just in time. With the stitch slide, you are able dictate your sewing speed. To realize maximum productivity, brother sewing machines come with detailed manuals. This makes your understanding about this unit convenient and easy for you.

In addition to this, Brother sewing machine units are made from environmental friendly materials. These units are made from high quality materials that last comparatively longer than other market brands. How durable a sewing machine can be is also an important consideration. Coupled with all the other features, durability of these machines has served a key role in giving brother machines the glory they enjoy.

How much do you intend to use your sewing machine? This question should be always on your mind as you peruse through various brother sewing machine reviews. From the remarkable features they offer, Brother sewing machines easily made and kept their name intact. Brother International Corporation has earned a reputation among embroidery enthusiasts. This company is recognized for its quality machines offered at “just the right price”.

Best Websites for Unique Gifts

We all want to give a unique gift that will be remembered year-round. Yet, when push comes to shove, we also have a tendency to completely blank out and forget what our recipients really want. Or what they don’t have. Thus begins the yearly cycle of buying random scarves, candles and body lotions in a panic (which we know will only end up getting regifted). Let’s put an end to this stressful tradition this year, with these 20 websites and online stores that pretty much do the thinking for you. (Source:


    • Wondermade
Wondermade: Gourmet marshmallows in unusual flavors. Check out: Bourbon Marshmallows, $7.95 for 16. You’re welcome.
      • Given Goods
        Given Goods: This marketplace is filled with unique gifts (home goods, kitchenware and accessories for women and men) that give back. Each product includes detailed info about the artisan or brand, the product’s origin and the cause you’re supporting. Check out: Lapis Lazuli Studs, $99. (Proceeds help create sustainable job opportunities for women in Afghanistan.)
      • Pink Olive: A super-cute site founded to turn the spotlight onto creative entrepreneurs. You’ll find thoughtful gifts, but also the Olive Box, a monthly subscription box geared towards paper lovers. Check out: “You Are Loved” mug, $16.
      • Uncommon Goods
        Uncommon Goods: Fun gifts for everyone on your list, for nearly any budget. Think of it as a quirky Pier 1. Check out: Scratch Map, $20.
      • The Grommet
        The Grommet: This e-tailer helps undiscovered products (“grommets”) find their markets. You’ll find really unique stuff here that you often won’t find anywhere else — just yet, at least. Check out: Everyday Artifact Silver Jewelry, $38.


Deep Sea Sand Art

by Klaus Bosch

Sands Of Time

This ephemeral sand-scape artfully demonstrates the universal principle of entropy through a fascinating, ever-changing microcosm of natural elements. Simply rotate the glass ring and watch as delicate drifts of light and dark sand shift into deserts, mountains, clouds, rain, oceans and smoke, all ebbing and flowing into one another. There is an eternal yet fleeting quality about this interactive art, and the sparkling sand will mesmerize as it shapes a tiny world right before your eyes. Created by Klaus Bosch, this inventive artwork will bring a calming, natural presence and a sense of wonder to your office or home. Handmade in Austria.

Source: Uncommon Goods

Recycled Glass Tree Globes – Relationships

It’s beautiful!


Mothers, Sisters, Family, Friends

Celebrate those dearest to you with elegant 100% recycled glass globes, featuring an interior glass trunk that branches out to support vibrant splashes of color. Handmade in Canada by artist Stephen Kitras.
Tree of Family: Like the roots of a tree, family nourishes and encourages us to grow to limitless possibilities. The Tree of Family reminds us that no matter how far we branch out as individuals, our family is always there for support, for encouragement and above all for love.
Tree of Friendship: Like each leaf on a tree our life is blessed with friends who help to define us as the individuals we are. Similarly, the changes of season that a tree undergoes is like the circle of friends that we’ve met throughout our lives. The Tree of Friendship reminds us to cherish each of our friends, the old and the new, as each one adds a unique leaf to our tree of life.2015-08-12_120341
Tree of Sisters: Sister can mean the one who was born into your immediate family or the “sister” who is your closest friend. Sisters are the ones that nurture you, support you, laugh and grow with you. Sisters are a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life. A sister is a forever friend.
Tree of Motherhood: Just like a tree, a mother provides stability in her roots, love in her welcoming branches and comfort in her sheltering shade. A mother can be the person who gave birth to you or the person who has helped to guide you and support you as make your way through the journey of life. The Tree of Motherhood is a celebration of mothers and the important role they play in our lives.

Uncommon Knowledge: To make these pretty globes, artist Stephen Kitras first has to receive a shipment of broken glass from a supplier in Seattle that makes windows for cars, homes and offices. They send their broken shards to Kitras, who then melts them down in a furnace for 12 hours before creating his signature pieces. Globes come with a plastic hang tag that is designed to be used for hanging the globe, either on the display stand specifically designed for the globe or from a different location. The plastic hang tag may also be replaced with customer’s own twine, yarn, or other hanging material.

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